Trip 6

feature image of Trip 6

It is fitting to post this latest update on Thanksgiving Day as I have much to be thankful for. Last week I received my initial immune repsonse and the results were encouraging. My body is responding against multiple targets included in the vaccine. I was asked to return every six weeks for now, hoping to make the response progressively stronger.

My cousin Jim has always encouraged me that his “bags are packed.” He immediately booked a flight to join me for my 6th trip and 9th dose of the vaccine.

Flying during the day has worked well, maximizing my time and energy levels. You can get a lot done with uninterrupted time stuck in a seat for a few hours 😉. I’m a bit of a resource junkie and greatly enjoyed revisiting a few recent books and podcasts, as well as listening to music that’s encouraged me over the years.

A regular stay during my travel is at the Sofitel hotel at Heathrow airport in London. If you ever find yourself there, make a point to stop by for an English breakfast 🍳 with the best service around.

At the airport

Resources of grace from this trip