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Trip 1

feature image of Trip 1

Wir haben es nach Tübingen, Deutschland geschafft!

Good friends accompanied us for the duration of this first trip. After a fun pit stop in London, we wished the queen a happy jubilee and arrived safely at our destination: Tubingen, Germany.

I received the induction phase of my vaccine, which was 4 doses over the course of 4 consecutive days. Each dose consists of 4 painful, subcutaneous (the fatty tissues just beneath the skin) shots in my stomach.

Overall, my first trip has been smooth and without complications.

The river in Tubingen, Germany

Please pray that this will be the case throughout my treatment. Lord willing, I will make this trip once per month 10 more times.

Vielen Dank,
Tim and Kate

Kate and Tim in London

Resources of grace from this trip