DCvax 1, 2, 3

Induction phase complete!

feature image of DCvax 1, 2, 3

Over the past 2 weeks, I crossed a significant milestone in the ongoing fight beyond the standard of care. I’m humbled and grateful for your help in getting this novel therapy.

By God’s grace and your support, I traveled to London, England to receive the “induction phase” of a dendritic cell vaccine I’ve been pursuing for the past few months at King’s College Hospital.

Additionally, I was able to pop over to Tubingen, Germany for a follow up with the clinical team there. They're going to evaluate my immune response from the previous cycles of peptide vaccines and determine whether there’s value in receiving the final 2 doses.

Dr. Saskia Biskup and Tim

This leaves open-ended questions which, for me, has become all too routine. There was good news from the company manufacturing my new vaccine - they were able to produce an abundance of dosages (35) when we were hoping and planning for 3-6.

Would you pray for the wisdom and strength we need to take the next step: an MRI on Monday 4/29 and plans to receive the 4th dose next month? After that, it’s recommended that, assuming the tumor remains stable, I space dosages further apart.

Northeastern University London campus

☝️Thanks to a friend, I was able to visit the beautiful London, Campus of my long-time employer, Northeastern University!

Resources of grace from this trip